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The Visitation

The Exhumation

World's Fair

100 Advertisements

12 Days of Xmas

An Inversion

The Facepunchers

A Chinese Ghost Wedding

Train Station

Mon Mot Mon – Giant Snake Mon Mot

The Crocodile Prince

The Automaton


The Facepunchers

D&D party adventures & shenanigans πŸ‘Š


A secret recipe has a dark, and mystical, source. Text by Ng Yi-Sheng, published in VICE Indonesia Comic Week 2019.

Whispers in the Dark

The last thoughts of a tribeswoman as she deciphers a mysterious mark in a cave. Adapted from Marcus Sedgwick’s novel, “The Ghosts of Heaven”

White Rat

A boy returns to his previous home in search of his mother. Set in 1940s wartime.


Short drabble written by a friend.

The Repository

Grandma makes a donation to Saint Memory.

The Feather Pillow

A newlywed wife begins to develop an unexplainable illness. Adapted from Horacia Quiroga’s short story.

The Girl Under the Bed

A kids’ adventure set during the month of the Chinese Hungry Ghost festival.